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About Our Reviewers
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About Our Reviewers
  Wendy Attwell 
Email: w.attwell@shakespeare-revue.com
Position: Editor, UK Division
Location: Hatfield, England
Favorite Play: As You Like It
Sample Review: Click here to read a sample work!
Bio: After being shipwrecked at an early age, Wendy discovered her fondness for dressing up as a boy and toying with the affections of her would-be lover. Her previous jobs have included poet, fisherman, and attendant to the Queen. She currently divides her time between contemplating vengeance and being pursued by a bear.
  Antonia Mandry 
Email: editor@shakespeare-revue.com
Position: Editor; Staff Reviewer
Location: New York, USA
Favorite Play: Twelfth Night
Sample Review: Click here to read a sample work!
Bio: Antonia was born the daughter of a great king, but due to a complicated web of intrigue involving a ring, her deadly-named husband and an Iago reincarnated was forced to flee to the woods where she befriended two woodsmen and a headless corpse. This inspired her to start writing.
  Margarete Mandry 
Email: m.mandry@shakespeare-revue.com
Position: Staff Reviewer
Location: Chicago, USA
Favorite Play: Much Ado About Nothing
Sample Review: Click here to read a sample work!
Bio: Margarete was born the daughter of a middle-class dude. She hated men. Then she found one she couldn't say no to, and her sister was allowed to marry. Now she spends her time poking holes in other people's productions.
Guest Reviewers 
Guest Reviewers include Helen Prior in the UK, Karyn Johnson in Germany, and Will Stackman, Maggie Benedict, Denise Battista and Elisabeth Riba in the USA.

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